Ecosystems – English


Ecosystems – S:A:, have been a company created in 1997, with the spirit to serve in the environmental area, applied investigation, Basic support to investigation, territorial ordering, planning of hydrographic river basins, landscaping design, production of vegetal material, planning, execution and supervising of reforestations; generation, management, development, support, environmental, technical and social evaluation of projects, studies of environmental impact, earth adjustment degraded by means of different systems like reforestation, irrigations, drainages, control of floods, etc.; design, selection, calibrat5ion, repair of agricultural machinery; design, management, construction of systems of residual water treatment of consumption and; design, management, development, provision of social and environmental solutions technical and legal for problematic in areas degraded by mining and specific projects according to its necessities.

For the previous workings we had a select group of professionals of different disciplines, between which are Magisters and specialists in Regional Urban planning, sustainable development, emergencies and disasters, environmental management, legal management, hydraulic, in addition to other professionals in civil, agricultural, forest engineering, zoothecnia, administration, anthropology, geology, economy, sociology, social work, and legal work, with large experience in those respective areas as a company.


* Technical and social management of projects of environmental and social investment.
* Design, evaluation, and execution of environmental and social projects.
* Production and commercialization of forests, environmental services.
* Environmental and social investigation.

Our company counts on a financial unit that evaluates the economic viability of the environmental projects, or from the investment itself like its correlations and effects that they generate in other fields.

Design, execution, and evaluation of environmental and social projects.

For the organizations that by some reason cannot design their own projects of any environmental or social nature, our group of experts is in the capacity to propose, to design, to execute, or to evaluate, according to the necessities of our clients.

Production and commercialization of forests, wood products, and environmental services.

Ecosystems- S:A:, has eight years of experience in forestry and handling of forests. Our company has within his assets more than five hundred hectares of native wood forests planted of the neotropic.

We counted on the technical-economical capacity to produce vegetal material of excellent quality, to seed it or to establish it, to maintain it, to take advantage of it and to commercialize it; like we can commercially operate nonmaderables products of the forest as resins, essences, dendroenergy, the environmental fruits, seeds, and services that generate the plantations as the CO2 capture, water protection, mitigacion of environmental impacts by natural or caused erosion, etc.

Environmental and social consultancy.

The compromise of ecosystems S.A. is to place all the experience to the service of the natural and social environmental of our area of influence, for which we have a technical unit in charge of the planning and development of thematic like the territorial ordering, plans of integral handling and advantage of renewable and nonrenewable natural resources, studies of environmental impact, plans of mitigation of impacts, etc. In addition we are in capacity to make specific in works and physical-social development the results of the consultancies on these.

Environmental investigation.

Represented in our personnel who is and has been university professor of the most prestigious universities of the country, we have a strong formation in scientific method that allows to design and to develop environmental investigations.